Dexbrowser Litepaper

Version 1.1

Dexbrowser is a Web3 Data Aggregator.

1. The Vision

Advanced Trading Tool

● Intelligent data tracking

● Attack alert

● Multi-chain enabled

Income-driven Data Derivatives

● Intelligent mining

● Intelligent arbitrage

Open-source Data Network

● Data sharing

● Data mining

● Decentralized derivatives development

2 The Framework

3 Advanced Trading Tools

3.1 Spread Analysis, and Arbitrage Tools

Get the prices of different tokens and trading pairs in multi-chain DEXes, deliver real-time spread analysis and facilitate users' arbitrage trading.

3.2 Intelligent Trading Search Engine

● Enable comprehensive analysis of dedicated trading pairs, order book display and big orders besides OHLC.

● Enable long-tail assets analysis to offer users more investment opportunities

3.3 Multi-chain Wallet Address

Track and query the wallet address and transaction information of different chains in one site.

3.4 Customized Search Tool and Recommendations

Filter protocol & dapp products according to the user’s preference (risk tolerance, categories, etc.)

3.5 Attack Alert

Track and analyze on-chain token statistics with programming methods to offer protocols & usersreal-time alerts about potential hackers and attacks, which can help users to track and recover their losses.

4. Income-driven Data Derivatives

4.1 Multi-chain Intelligent Farming

4.1.1 Cross-chain “First-to-Farm” Access

Offer real-time access to the new farming pools, cross-chain enabled.

4.1.2 Farming Pool Search Engine

Powerful search engine for farming pools with customized filters such as token, APY, farming cycle, risk factor, &etc.

4.1.3 Optimized Farming Tool

● Automatically allocate the funds into different farming pools with intelligent algorithm to bring the maximum APY to users. ● Monitor the statistics to filter out the risky farming pools, 7*24 real-time. ● Auto re-investment options.

4.2 Arbitrage Trading

● Display the trading data in a more granular way: allow users to search more information such as pricings, liquidity pools, transactions, K-lines, and else.

● Offer algorithm based tools to recommend the best trading pairs and trading paths.

● Offer one-click aggregated arbitrage trading across chains and across DEXes. ◇ Arbitrage opportunity notifications ◇ Professional data analytics and virtual tools ◇ Smart Tools: one-click arbitrage execution

5. Open-source Data Network

Dexbrowser will be a data-specific, community-governed, shared management platform.

5.1 Decentralized Databases

The architecture is completely decentralized, transparent and fair. Advanced users can access corresponding data through different permissions.

5.2 “Data-as-Farming”

Community members will be able to set up their own data profile, such as DEX metrics, NFT floor price, new arbitragy opportunity, etc., and the results are visualised as charts. All the analysis will be share on DexBrowser platform, and users are incentived with “Bro” token to do so. We call this “Data-as-Farming”.

5.3 Shared Management

Integrates blokchain governance and centralized database management models to accomplish consistent strategy, data invocation, storage, and security.

5.4 Other Data-driven Derivatives

Users will have access to build other derivatives based on Dexbrowser’s infrastructure

6. Our Advantages

7. Token Model

The token, Bro, facilitates the ecosystem governance of the entire project and is used for commercial implementation and scenario realization. Total amount: 500,000,000

Bro token will be gradually repurchased and burned for continuous deflation.

■ “Bro”token is the native asset in Dexbroswer ecosystem, and users need to stake enough“Bro”to gain access to dedcicated services.

■ Bro holders can participate in the governance of the ecosystem. They can decide the fees structures, new farming pools, new swaps, etc.

■ Users can earn Bro token via farming, providing data, developing new data-driven products, etc. Also, all revenue of the platform will be used to buy back and burn Bro token.

■ Bro token holders can have access to the exclusive NFTs which give them VIP previliges to Dexbroswer services, such as smart arbitragy, optimized farming, etc.

8. R&D Roadmap

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